Ampex ATR-100
The Ampex ATR-100. The  Ultimate Analog Recorder

Demand is off the scale and 100's are a rare & precious commodity. That said, fully remanufactured Ampex ATR-102's are often available from MDI PrecisionMotorWorks. The last tape recorder built in the U.S.A. by AMPEX, these machines will have been 100% restored in the way that you know only we can. Critical motion control & power supply components are replaced, upgraded and/or modified to enhance reliability. These machines are delivered to you well behaved, sounding great, and looking like they just left they factory. If you've recently purchased an ATR-100 and would like it fully restored, WE CAN DO THAT and welcome your inquiry.

Some talented friends/organizations who own or have owned
our incredible ATR-100's:
Aaron Levinson, Kosherican Music, Phila. PA
Alactronics, Wellesley, MA
Bluefield Mastering, Raleigh, NC
Blue Man Group, NYC
Classic Sound Mastering, NYC

Dreamhire, NYC
Emerald Entertainment, Nashville, TN
Eric & Brian Ryback, Sherpa Studios, Brentwood, MO
Eric Schilling (Gloria Estefan...), Miami, FL GRAMMY/1" MasterMonster™
Fur Seal Records, Mineapolis, MN
Fred Kevorkian, Fred Kevorkian Mastering, NYC
Henry Joewono, Orchard Towers, Singapore
1" MasterMonster™
InnerCity Studios, Saskatchewan, Canada
John Roddy, Connecticut
John McIntire, Chicago, IL
John Klett /Singularity Enterprises, NYC
Ken McCarty, Aledo, TX
Kurt Ballou, Boston, MA
Library of Congress, American Folklife Center, Washington, D.C.
Looking Glass, NYC
Magic Garden Mastering, Brian Lucey, Columbus, OH
MasterDisk Mastering / Scott Hull, NYC, NY GRAMMY
Mark Jung, Seal Rock, Oregon
Mark Balma, Wayzata, MN
Mike Lavigne, Seattle, WA
Nora Jones & Lee Alexander, NYC
Purple Audio, NYC
Ray Martin, NYC
Orange Sound / The Audio Museum, S. Hadley, MA
Pang Yim, Centerville, TX
Paul Zinman / SoundByte, NY & Vermont
Prism Sound, Acton, MA
Scott Hull, Scott Hull Mastering, NYC
Sear Sound, NYC
Sonic Circus, Boston, MA
Sony Music, NYC
Sony Music, London, U.K.
Sound Station 7, Providence, RI
Hit Factory , NYC1" MasterMonster™
Wahadamar, Malibu, CA 1" MasterMonster™
Walter Clay, Newburyport, MA
Woolly Mammoth Sound, Boston, MA
XOFF Records & Scott Reibling, Boston, MA
ATR-100 "MasterMonster" 1" two-track

ATR100 "MasterMonster" 1" Two-track Recorder
(once upon a time in a land far, far away....)
Like all the finest vintage analog professional equipment, these machines are holding their value and unlike many European machines, ATR-100's are easily serviced and maintained. If you've been missing analog, then don't miss this opportunity to own a fully restored American Classic - not just a showpiece but a machine which will truly enhance the value of your facility - a machine you'll use for a long time to come.
Scott Hull and his "MasterMonster" ATR-100 ONE-inch/HALF-inch 2 Track

Scott says: "It sounds magnificent" (Just what we like to hear...)

The beautiful new mastering suite at the Hit Factory, NYC, was built for Scott and completed in January of 2003.

Scott says: "It really wasn't finished until February, when I received my new ATR-100 from MDI PrecisionMotorWorks."

Update: Facing tough times in both the economy and the music biz, the Hit Factory closed its doors in 2006. The ATR-100 (in the background) was eventually purchased by a facility in San Francisco and, to our knowledge, is in use today.

Update: Though the Hit Factory is gone, Scott Hull is very much alive and well. After departing the Hit Factory and striking out on his own, we're pleased and proud to say that Scott acquired another ATR-100 from us - his third PrecisionMotorWorks machine.

More recently, we'd like to congratulate Scott on his acquisition of MasterDisk studios. As the President of that facility, Scott is on top of his game and to this day, he swears by the ATR-100 recorders we've delivered to him as the very best of breed.

Excerpt below, from his website:

This is Scott Hull Mastering

Mid-Town Manhattan. Inches from Birdland. On the 4th floor of an unasuming pre-war commercial building sits the sound of a multi-generational secret passed through the great mastering engineers of the 20th century. Here, in a space he designed for himself, works another in that long line. Its the man who put the sheen on John Mayer and Edie Brickell. Its the sound of Steely Dan's Grammy award winning Two Against Nature. Scott Hull loves music. And he loves a challenge.

Read more about Scott Hull Mastering and MasterDisk Studios. Please visit his website.

Eric Schilling on his 1"ATR-100 from MDI PrecisionMotorWorks:

"I'm very pleased. This machine does exactly what I hoped it would do and more...Everyone who's heard the playback loves the sound of it!"

Eric Schilling, MasterMonster Owner & Grammy winning mixer/engineer (Gloria Estefan, Arturo Sandoval, Jon Secada & many more...)

Eric Schilling at Crescent Moon Recording Studios in Miami, Florida. The studio is owned by the Estefan's.


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"Ours" with "Theirs":

1/4" (2) Channel: $11,195.00 USD supplied w/new FLUX Magnetics or comparable heads. Subtract $750.00 if supplied with reconditioned OEM metal heads.

1/2" (2) Channel: $12,395.00 USD supplied w/new FLUX Magnetics metal heads.

1/2" (4) Channel: $13,495.00 USD w/ reconditioned OEM heads

1" (2) Channel: contact us for information.

  • XIRON transformerless I/O's: add $1,000.00 per pair if ordered with purchase of any new machine. Note: these replace the OEM Input Output modules
  • Contact us for a host of specific options and a formal quote.

    Remanufactured machines include a full one (1) year warranty on mechanical and electromechanical components. Six (6) months on audio & control electronics. New heads and any 3rd party electronics are backed by their respective manufacturer.

    Prices will change subject to ATR-100 availability and demand. Website prices are guidelines. Firm prices by request and formal quotation only.

    We buy Ampex ATR-100's in just about any condition. Got one or more for sale? Please contact us!
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    __________Prices for all products below & more are shown only at our online store....
    Poorman's Input-Output Calibration & Service Extender Board
    A simple, now affordable solution to ATR-100 Input-Output calibration.

    If you want to get the most out of your recorder, you MUST properly calibrate the input and output electronics. This is how you calibrate and make adjustments to the ATR's Input-Output electronics. All aluminum support and a high-quality circuit board. Supplied with very detailed instructions for setting up your I-O modules.

    ATR-100 service extender board
    Input-Output Front Panel Overlay Kit

    NOW on SALE!

    Your old worn out I/O faces can look exactly as they once did - every original detail is reproduced in the engraving. Mark 'em up if you must and clean 'em up without fear of scratches or paint loss.
    • permanent “peel & stick” adhesive from 3M
    • laser engraved (not printed) on super tough 30 mil mylar
    • easy install with provided alignment tools & “foolproof” instructions
    MagREELS™ - Precision Auto-Centering NAB adapters for the ATR-100

    Price Reduction!

    Think NAB adapters are just for holding reels on the recorder? We are really excited about this new product and we're sure you will be too if you give them a spin. You simply won't believe how significant a contribution MagREELS™ can make to a smooth running machine until you experience it for yourself.

    • NAB Machined 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. Concentricity & axial runout is less than .003" TIR. Beautifully anodized for appearance and durability in your choice of three colors and laser engraved.
    • Three stainless steel ball detents spaced at precisely 120° provide equal outward pressure of 4-7 lbs at each point, to capture the reels and provide DYNAMIC REEL CENTERING automatically. No clamps to turn or expansion collars. “Snap” the reels on and lift the reels off - it’s really that easy.
    • NAB drive pins (3) are case hardened steel in black “no-rust” finish. You won't find any plastic on MagREELS™ NAB adapters.

    Auto-centering MagREELS™ adapters will absolutely:

    • Expedite & simplify reel changes
    • Minimize Wow & Flutter by improving reel concentricity and decreasing the amount of work required of the constant tension reel servo
    • Dramatically improve tape pack at fast wind speeds
    • Add a great high-tech look!

    Order the "Basic set" to support 1/4" & 1/2" tape widths. Add the optional .25" spacers with the "Complete set" to support 1" tape and optimize the handling of 1/2" reels.

    The world’s best tape recorder deserves the world’s most precise NAB adapters.
    MagREELS™ NAB in red
    MagREELS™ 1/4" spacer in black


    Info & Specs.pdf


    Armrest Endcaps for the ATR-100
    Molded from rugged polyurethane - 75 shore A durometer. These will exactly replace your missing endcap(s) but won't have exactly the same look. So, we sell them in pairs only. You've got a choice of flashy red or traditional black. Replace missing original parts, or get a pair to freshen up the appearance of your machine.
    ATR-100 armrest end cap in black
    Head Assembly Parts - Upper Limit Guide
    The scarcity of OEM parts made us look for a solid, cost effective replacement. The answer is precision machined, non-magnetic stainless steel. Polished, then plated with a thick coating of heat treated electroless nickel for hardness and long wear. Finally, hand polished a second time for a brilliant, smooth finish.

    Slightly larger (diameter) then the original part for secure limit guidance at fast wind speeds, i.e. when the tape lifters are energized.

    ATR-100 head assembly, upper limit guide
    Head Assembly Parts - Lower Limit Guide Post
    The scarcity of OEM parts made us look for a solid, cost effective replacement. Our answer is precision machined, non-magnetic stainless steel, plated with a thick coating of heat treated electroless nickel for hardness and long wear. Hand polished for a brilliant and ultra smooth finish. The base is lapped by hand to "trim" the height of the part to within .000050" of exact specification.
    ATR-100 head assembly, lower limit guide
    Replacement Control Panel Overlay
    The fastest, easiest way to give your ATR-100 a face lift. Instructions and everything you'll need for removal of the old panel and installation of the new are provided. Permanent factory colors on 25 mil LEXAN.
    ATR-100 control panel overlay
    ATR-100 PC-control panel w/ VariSpeed & Search-to-Cue
    A great looking, USB interface for fully controlling your ATR-100 from your PC desktop. Opens on top of your mastering applications and includes a fine resolution vari-speed and search-to-cue all in one compact package. You can have everything you've wanted for your ATR-100 with the convenience of centralized desktop control.
    Sorry, but limited interest in this product didn't justify production. Some ideas live on as "ideas" only...
    ATR-100 PC Control
    "Click" the image for demo.
    Capstan with Optical Encoder Assembly
    A durable, thermoplastic elastomer surface provides excellent traction for magnetic tape. Exacting diameter control for speed accuracy, and smooth tape handling for the world's best tape transport.

    Each carefully made capstan will be certified < .02% din peak flutter @ 30 ips
    (typically < .015% @ 30 ips).

    Out of production
    ATR-100 Capstan assembly
    Timer Idler Assembly
    Durable thermoplastic elastomer. Guaranteed concentricity for the lowest flutter and precision diameter control for absolute timing accuracy.

    Supplied with precision class 5 bearings installed.

    ATR-100 tach roller assembly
    Complete Tape Guide Assemblies & Bearings
    Complete assemblies are available for 1/4" and 1/2" tape. Hardened, electroless nickel guide plates work great and look sharp. Bearings are appropriate precision class and selected for low noise.

    Just need the bearings? They're available, too.

    ATR-100 tape guides
    Tape Guide Plates
    Due to the lack of available OEM parts, and since you've asked for them, we are now offering our highly polished, heat treated, electroless nickel plated tape guide plates for your purchase. Exact replacements for the original parts - they look sharp, work great, and they're affordable.
    Out of production
    ATR-100 Tape Guide Plate
    Quartz/Pyrex Lifter Sleeves
    A proven lifter material, used on early Ampex machines. Harder than chrome steel - virtually no wear! Each piece is centerless ground and polished for accurate tracking.

    Simple installation with provided instructions.

    Out of production
    Quartz-Pyrex lifter sleeves
    AMPEX ATR-100 Maintenance & Shop manual
    Available on CD or as a download. SEARCHABLE PDF
    ATR-100 service manual
    EMC - Music Mastering Series Heads for the ATR-100 1/2"
    Extended Response. Extended Life. Ultra-low distortion. We were EMC's exclusive representative & sales agent to the music recording industry. Originally manufactured in San Diego, CA by Mr. Clay Whetstone, these fine magnetic heads are, unfortunately, no longer in production. Mr Whetstone has retired from manufacturing and we're sorry that we can no longer offer this fine product.
    Out of production

    "Jeff -

    I installed the EMC ATR-100 heads that we bought from you on the ATR that we bought from an eBay seller and while I did have several problems with his machine your heads were perfect. This is our first set of EMC heads and I am very pleased with the results......


    Kim Stallings
    Sony Music Studios / NYC"

    ATR-100 magnetic heads from EMC

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