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Available Online ATR-100 Input-Output Front Panel Overlay Kit

Wish you could do something about the appearance of those old I/O modules? After all, they are the face of your recorder. Perhaps you don't notice them any more, but other folks do, guaranteed. Good looks alone won't change the sound of your old friend, but your clients will surely notice and be comfortable mixing to a well preserved machine.

There aren't many ATR-100's in the world and you're lucky to own one. For a small price and a bit of your time, you can easily refresh the appearance of your special machine.

  • Permanent "peel & stick" adhesive backing from 3M.
  • Laser cut & engraved (not printed!) on tough 30 mil double layer mylar.
  • Exactly replicates the OEM face.
  • Washable & scratch resistant
  • Easy install with provided instructions and alignment tools.

Available Online MagREELS™ - Precision Auto-Centering NAB adapters for the ATR-100 (Reviewed in TapeOP Magazine, issue 94)
The galaxy's most precise NAB adapters for the ATR-100. They're here!
Think NAB adapters are just for holding reels on the recorder?

The world’s best tape recorder deserves the world’s most precise NAB adapters.

- Machined 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. Concentricity & axial runout is less than .003" TIR.

- Beautifully anodized for appearance and durability in your choice of three colors and laser engraved.

- Stainless steel ball detents spaced at precisely 120°, provide DYNAMIC REEL -CENTERING automatically.

- No clamps to turn or expansion collars. “Snap” the reels on and lift the reels off - it’s really that easy.

- NAB drive pins (3) are case hardened steel in black “no-rust” finish. You won't find any plastic on MagREELS™ NAB adapters.

Auto-centering MagREELS™ adapters will absolutely:

- Expedite & simplify reel changes

- Minimize Wow & Flutter by improving reel concentricity and decreasing the amount of work required of the constant tension reel servo

- Dramatically improve tape pack at fast wind speeds

- Add a great high-tech look!

We're obviously excited about this product and our customers agree, "It's difficult to understand how significant a contribution MagREELS™ can make to a smooth running machine until you see it for yourself."

Order the "Basic set" to support 1/4" & 1/2" tape widths. Add the optional .25" spacers with the "Complete set" to support 1" tape and optimize the handling of 1/2" reels. Order with confidence, you’ve got 30 days to make sure you love ‘em.

Available downloads: Info & Specs.pdf / Installation.pdf

MagREELS™ in Black Satin & Radiant Red. MagREELS™ in Steel Blue.
On 12/28/2011 9:02 PM, Denny Chandler wrote:

"I put them (MagREELS) on the day after I received them - my Christmas toys. Wow! Fast rewind tape pack looks almost identical to 30 ips play tape pack and the reel wobble is gone. I would never have thought adapters could make that big of a difference.

Thanks for making these! I'm very happy with them.

My advice to all who run ATR-100's, it's a no-brainer, get yourself a set of MagREELS. "

Denny Chandler
Las Vegas, Nevada

via email


On April 23, 2013, Garrett Haines, Senior Contributing Editor, wrote in TapeOp Magazine:

"During the review period, I used the MagREELS on more than 200 tape transfers. One of my first thoughts was, "Why didn't these come stock with the ATR-100 machines?" After all, Ampex seemed to think of so many other things. Nonetheless, MagREELS are here now..... If you rely on your ATR-100 deck for restoration or mixdown, you might want to consider the MagREELS. They really speed up reel changes, reduce warble, and definitely improve wind and rewind packing. Add the fact that they make the transport more sensitive to older tape's health, and you have a very useful accessory...."

Read the complete review in TapeOP Magazine or Downlaod PDF

How's about some MagREELS™ wallpaper? Choose from two different high-resolution compositions. Our flying NAB adapters against NASA's space telescope photography, minus the advertising!

"Click" on the thumbnail images:

MagREELS in Space wallpaper. MagREELS in red space wallpaper.
Space_Flyers_WP.jpg Red_Space_Flyers_WP.jpg
Available Online Head, Red & Roll Cleaner (Reviewed in TapeOP Magazine, issue 88) Head, Red & Roll Cleaner logo. The Right Stuff.
Read the entire review in: Tape Op Magazine online
Head, Red & Roll Cleaner by Garrett Haines

or download the review (PDF)

Quite possibly the world's best tape head cleaner? ...You betcha!

Safe and tough. Formulated with environmentally friendly chemistry, HR&R is non-flammable and considered non- hazardous by every major regulating agency, including the D.O.T. So we ship it all over the world.

Safe as it is, it'll easily remove all the gunk that alcohol and other wanna-be head cleaners don't begin to touch.

Tough as it is, HR&R may be safely used to clean everything in your tape path including: heads, guides, and YES, pinch rollers. We’re certain you’ll be impressed.

But don't just take our word for it:

"I thoroughly scrubbed my ATR-104's heads with my previous cleaner. When the swabs came up white, I figured I was done. But for kicks, I tried the MDI cleaner and was very surprised to pull off another swab covered in dark brown gunk. Needless to say, I was impressed. The ATR sounded great...

....Same thing with the MDI cleaner on our 2'' MCI machine - swab after swab came out saturated in brown and black. I don't know if that head stack has been that clean since we purchased it. Sometimes it's the little things, but I'm pretty excited about this cleaner...."

from the review in Tape Op Magazine by Garrett Haines, Issue 88, March-April 2012

via email

cc to Aaron and Phat Planet and my friends at Sage Arts.

"I've just discovered the "Head, Red and Roll Cleaner" from PrecisionMotorWorks. It's "non-hazardous" and extremely effective in getting the black and brown grunge off of tape rollers and heads faster, easier and better than anything else I've tried over the MANY years.

Jeff Gilman spent a long time formulating this stuff for maximum effectiveness. I was using either 91% or 99% Isopropyl and there was always a little something left on this or that roller even after elbow grease. Not anymore... I'm a convert!"

Bob Katz
Digital Domain
Altamonte Springs, Florida 32701

via email

"Hello Mr Gilman, its Adam here from Toyland Studio in Australia.

Firstly thanks for my recent order. The HR&R cleaner is awesome and my T/Reds are looking the cleanest since I bought them...."

Adam Calaitzis
Toyland Studio
Northcote, Australia

via email

"The cleaning fluid arrived. and I just tried it for the first time on my Otari 24.  I keep a very clean machine, so there were no oxide deposits to be seen... After cleaning. the parts of the tape path that come in contact with the backing of the tape showed a fair amount of residue collected on the cleaning swab... Seeing that the HR&R was able to clean places that I believed were spotlessly clean makes it worth the price. Again,  ThankYouTooMuch!"

Jerry  JMM Studios
Metuchen  NJ   08840


Available in bottles: 2 - 4 - 8 fl.oz.
and .5 fl.oz. trial size

Head, Red & Roll is now the preferred head cleaner of the United States Library of Congress, American Folklife Center.

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