MagREELS™ - Precision NAB adapters

Think NAB adapters are just for holding reels on the recorder? We are really excited about this product and we're sure you will be too if you give them a spin. You simply won't believe how significant a contribution MagREELS™ can make to a smooth running machine until you experience it for yourself.

    • NAB Machined 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. Concentricity & axial runout is less than .003" TIR. Beautifully anodized for appearance and durability in your choice of three colors and laser engraved.
    • Three stainless steel ball detents spaced at precisely 120° provide equal outward pressure of 4-7 lbs at each point, to capture the reels and provide DYNAMIC REEL CENTERING automatically. No clamps to turn or expansion collars. “Snap” the reels on and lift the reels off - it’s really that easy.
    • NAB drive pins (3) are case hardened steel in black “no-rust” finish. You won't find any plastic on MagREELS™ NAB adapters.
 Auto-centering MagREELS™ adapters will absolutely:
    • Expedite & simplify reel changes
    • Minimize Wow & Flutter by improving reel concentricity and decreasing the amount of work required of the constant tension reel servo
    • Dramatically improve tape pack at fast wind speeds
    • Add a great high-tech look!

Order the "Basic set" to support 1/4" & 1/2" tape widths. "Basic set" includes Qty. (2) MagLOCK Shaft Collars for semi-permanent mounting to the turntables and Qty.(2) HEAVY O-RINGS for generally adequate retention of the MagREELS or when the adapters are constantly being removed and installed. Check to add the optional .25" spacers for the "Complete set" to support 1" tape and optimize the handling of 1/2" reels and you'll save an additional $19.00.

Knowing the quality of our products, you can buy with confidence and you’ve got 30 days to make sure you love ‘em.

Important: MagREELS are not intended for use on recorders which are rack mounted in the straight up/vertical position. They may be used at any angle in which the standard Ampex OEM pedestal stand may be set.


MagREELS - Radiant Red


 Sorry, Radiant Red is sold out!


Buy the complete set now & save!

MagREELS - Black Satin


 Sorry, Black Satin is sold out!


Buy the complete set now & save!

MagREELS - Blue Steel


 Sorry, Blue Steel is sold out!


Buy the complete set now & save!

.25 Spacers for MagREELS (2)


 Optional .25" Spacers are required to run 1" tape with MagREELS™ NAB on your ATR-100 1" transport or to optimize the handling of 1/2" reels.

Note: order these only if you already own the MagREELS™ "Basic set" and wish to enhance the handling of 1/2" reels or anticipate a transport modification to 1" capability.

MagREELS - Discounted Factory Seconds


Sorry, 2nd's are sold out!


 A limited quantity of minor factory seconds at a super discount!

These are the very same MagREELS NAB adapters as above, with very minor cosmetic issues - most of which will never be noticed. Nothing about these discounted parts will in any way effect performance or longevity and our same 30 day satisfaction guarantee applies across the board.

Strictly first come, first served! Quantities are limited and some colors may not be available. If your order cannot be filled, you will be notified and your credit card will not be charged.

Rebuilt ATR-100 Reel Turntables


A pair (2) of re-corked & straightened reel turntables. Just what you might need if you're considering our new MagREELS™....

**Purchase price includes a refundable core charge. $50.00 will be returned to your credit card, immediately upon receipt of your old turntables. Please return within 30 days.