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ATR service / VS-20 VariSpeed

High Resolution Stepped Variable Speed Oscillator.
                  SORRY, THIS ITEM is SOLD

JUST ADDED: this is new old stock & there's just one unit available. Supplied with "wall wart" power supply, and prepared cable with edge connector for easy, fast attachment to your AMPEX ATR-100. Note: this VSO may also be used with the AMPEX MM-1200.

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Poorman's ATR I/O Service Extender


NEW PRODUCT  Replaces our original service extender which sold for $349.00. This one's for all who need one but didn't buy one.

Think you know where your levels are at? Are levels IN and OUT optimized? Is your ATR-100 really giving you the best it can? Don't assume that your I/O's and VU meters are telling you the truth.
If you've never calibrated, your levels could be far from specification, adding noise and distortion. We see this way too often. Get it right!

So then, how do you get at the test points and internal adjustments on the ATR-100's Input-Output modules?  Here's our new simple, and now affordable solution. Aluminum edge support rails and a high-quality circuit board enable you to extend the I/O module out in front of the overbridge. Using the supplied aluminum "jack stand" you'll support the module securely from underneath. Now you've got access to everything you need.  Supplied with very detailed calibration/alignment instructions.

ReCap your Supply!

ATR-100 Power Supply Rebuild Kit


Complete Power Supply Rebuild Kit includes Computer Grade filter caps (with improved ratings & life), rectifier bridges & diodes, regulator board caps, resistors, pass transistors and a new On-Off switch. Know that you're getting the right stuff - use our experience to source everything and put it all together!

Can you buy all this stuff for less? After what we figure will be 6-7 hours figuring out what you think you need and sourcing it from multiple suppliers, you might save yourself about a "C note". What's your time worth?

BACK from the DEAD: We've not recently offered this item due to enormous price increases from manufacturers, particularly with respect to the required Computer Grade aluminum electrolytics. We've brought this kit back for now, but before you order, we encourage you to inquire ("click" the envelope below) about availability and possible *price changes.

*Price is subject to change without notice & price shown may not be current. If you place an order and there has been a price change, your card will not be charged and we will not process your order without written notification and your acceptance.


Please allow up to 4 days for shipment of this item while we hand pick and assemble your kit from our parts inventory.

Vari Nice!

VSC 9600 Analog Varispeed


Swept Analog VariSpeed
Built to order. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Please contact us.

Finally, a reliable variable speed controller for the ATR-100. Precision wirewound 10-turn pot for infinite (not stepped!) resolution from 80% to 130% of fixed speed. More than enough range for any musical application. Powered entirely by the host ATR-100 - No wall wart!