Bearings & Lubrication

We sell you the very same bearings which we use in our shop to make repairs on recording gear. These are noise tested, properly lubricated and always appropriate for the application. When you buy from us, you can be sure that you are getting a part which is appropriate for use in recording equipment - Simply put, we'll sell you the right bearing for the job.

While there are instances when the utmost precision is called for, modern computerized manufacturing has dramatically improved the quality and precision of mass produced ball bearings. This fact has rendered some of the ABEC precision classifications specified by certain recorder manufacturers (notably, STUDER) unnecessary. In most instances, there is no longer a need to use an ABEC Class 7 bearing in recording equipment. The rotational error in a quality, modern electric motor grade (ABEC 1) ball bearing is so slight that it positively will not contribute to flutter in a tape based recording system. The typical ABEC 1 quality bearing produced today in Japan, will meet or exceed the old ABEC 3 classification for rotational error and more often than not will meet the ABEC 5 classification. We don't believe in selling or using very expensive, precision ABEC 7 class bearings for use in a mundane reel motor application when a first quality, electric motor grade bearing (ABEC 1) will more than do the job. Should an application require high precision, we'll specify exactly that.

Shipped to you sealed in plastic and well cushioned, you must handle miniature bearings with care. Dirt, moisture and the improper use of force when installing a miniature bearing are sure to leave you with a noisy and short lived part. We cannot be responsible for how you do your job, so please understand, you are purchasing at your own risk - ONCE YOU OPEN SEALED BEARING, THERE CAN BE NO RETURNS. If you're not familiar with handling and installing precision bearings, you might consider having us do the job.

Countries of origin for bearings which we use and sell will generally be USA, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Taiwan and/or Singapore. We will not use or sell bearings manufactured in mainland China and neither should you!

We have hundreds of available bearings which are unlisted. Please check with us, before looking elsewhere!