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T/REDS™ 2" Universal

IN STOCK. Originally $575.00/set - now 15% off.

"End-of-Life" ALERT! We've completed our absolute final production run of T/REDS. There's still stock for now...

T/REDS capstan & tach rollers for all OTARI MTR-90 series I, II, & III recorders, and MTR-100's. Cast molded with a stunning red, proprietary elastomer, these are quite simply the best looking, best performing rollers available!

Manufactured in the newer universal style (set screws offset from center) and supplied with special brass tipped set screws, T/REDS may be used with absolutely all MTR-90 & 100 series machines.

When installed with a flutter analyzer, T/REDS are the only rollers which may be rotated and safely locked in any position on the capstan shaft to minimize rotational error and optimize flutter performance.

Recommended: add a pair of 2" swingarm return springs for just $9.25 (regularly $12.75).

Just wanted to let you know that I received and installed the T-Reds yesterday and man do they run smooth.

They even handle the thick ATR tape beautifully!! Installation was easy.


-----Mills (Mills Logan, Nashville, TN) July 2014


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Greetings from freezing and snowing Vienna! Got the new T/REDS - love 'em! They work flawless! Thank you very much!"

 - - - Robert O. (Vienna, Austria) 02/09


With the "End-of-Life" looming, we've added an option for specially sealed product packaging so you can buy now and save them for much later. Check the option above and your T/REDS will arrive in heat sealed protective HDPE packaging with included moisture adsorbing desiccant packs. Storage per our instructions will extend the storage life of your T/REDS to an estimated 10 years to guarantee you'll have a fresh set when you need them.

For your convenience: Download our MTR-90 Setup Guide

Additional download: T/REDS installation, Hints & Tips

Unitized HardArms™

HardArms are Back!

"Unquestionably the best replacement arms you can buy for Otari MTR-90 mkI and mkII." 

At last, swingarms done right! Engineered and built to be as close to a single, solid piece of metal as possible. Straightness is guaranteed within .003“ (3 mil) end to end in both planes. Exactly replaces the original arms on MTR-90 mkI's and mkII's.

Get a 5% discount automatically when you buy two or more.

Black/REDS™ 1" Digital

30% off this SPECIAL ORDER ITEM - please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

High performance designed to take full advantage of the higher wind speeds available on the fast winding OTARI & Mitsubishi machines. Recommended for all DTR-900 & Mitsubishi 1" digital recorders.

Quantities are limited - end of life availability

Swingarm Return Springs - Set (2)


Optimum tension adjustment made possible with quality tempered music wire. Long life, stability, and even tension. Replace old, fatigued springs.

Pkg. of (2)

Download our MTR-90 Setup Guide

Quartz/Pyrex Lifter Sleeves - 2"

Lifter Sleeves for 2"
SPECIAL ORDER ITEM - please contact us.
Fix your oxide eating lifters. 

Concerned about valuable tracks becoming "red oxide" on your deckplate? These tape lifters are what you want! Harder than chrome and centerless ground & polished for accurate tracking. Easy install with provided instructions.

Wear-proof, quartz/pyrex lifter sleeves (set of 2).

Capstan Motor Alignment Collar

SPECIAL ORDER ITEM - please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Dense cast iron construction. The Alignment Collar locks into the transport's deck plate. Strengthens the motor mounting and makes the capstan azimuth and zenith fully adjustable. Easy installation w/ no deck modification. Telephone support provided as needed.

Try it for 30 days. If you don't agree it's amazing, send it back for a full refund!

"Capstan Alignment Collars for the MTR90's work great.. never thought
I could achieve such a perfect tape path!  Thanks!"

Greg Snow
Fredonia University

Motor Driver Transistors - NPN

NPN transistors
Automatic Discount with quantity order. Prices subject to change.

Motor Driver Power Transistors - NPN
Replacement power supply and motor driver amps. High voltage and current handling. Our house parts manufactured by Motorola / ON Semi.

Replaces Toshiba 2SD552 

Motor Driver Transistors - PNP

PNP transistors
Automatic Discount with quantity order. Prices subject to change.

Motor Driver Power Transistors - PNP
Replacement power supply and motor driver amps. High voltage and current handling. Our house parts manufactured by Motorola / ON Semi.

Replaces Toshiba 2SB552 

Power Supply Rebuild Kit

Be nice to your Power Supply!

Please contact us for ordering information. Click below to send email:

Limited supply, please check the capacitors "click" at "Stuff" page.

NEW Servo-Disc Motor Kit

Servo Disc Motor
"NEW" Servo-disc Motor Kits

Please contact us for ordering information. Click below to send email :

Made in the USA (PMI/Kollmorgen), heavy duty, direct replacement motor kit for the O.E.M. Yaskawa disc motor. Superior current handling capability. Fits all MTR-90 /100 / DTR- 900 & Mitsubishi Capstan motors.

Our "NEW" motor kits are USA made, and are not interchangeable with the OEM Japanese parts. As such, individual parts are not available for field repair. At our discretion, we may sell you the complete motor parts kit only.

Motor kit availability is limited and to be warranteed they must be installed in our shop. We reserve the right to determine your qualifications for "in the field" installation. You must contact us before placing your order. Thank you!

OEM (Yaskawa) motor parts - reconditioned



Good, reconditioned OEM (Yaskawa) servo-disc motor parts.

Restored/reconditioned original equipment parts are tested good, with plenty of remaining life.

"Do-it-yourselfers" note that PMW is not responsible for motor failure due to improper field installation of parts. The servo-disc must be installed with proper clearance above the "flux return plate" and must be set with a "feeler gauge" or shim. The proper specs will be provided to you.

Thrust Pad Bearings for MX5050's & MTR10's

Quantity Discount - Buy 20+ for just $9.00 ea.

Thrust pad/bearing for early MX-5050 &  MTR-10 DC capstan motors. Individually machined from solid delrin/acetal rod (black) and held in place with a pre-applied contact adhesive disc.

Thrust pads are for use only with early DC capstan motors - only motors with a steel "can" housing the capstan rotor. Newer motors utilize a cast aluminum housing with duplex (2) ball bearings for thrust and rotor stabilization.

Ball bearings (608ZZ) for the newer style motors are found here.

Head Shield Motor

Head Shield Motor

Please contact us for ordering information. Click below to send email:

Direct replacement Shield Motors for the OTARI MTR-90. Send us your broken motor complete with gear head (the part with the output shaft) and we'll install a NEW Swiss made motor. Price shown reflects our installed price.