Tools for the Tape Path


Tape Path Reference Flat

Weight: lbs
Head alignment

NON-MAGNETIC Tape Path Alignment Tool
 A must for tape transport alignment.

Ultra-Precision, machinist-type parallel bar. Precision machined from high quality, cast aluminum tooling plate. With careful handling, this stable material will last indefinitely yet is "soft" enough to avoid damage to delicate tape path components.  Ground on two sides and machined on four sides to be flat within .0005" over the length/width on all sides. For gaging, setting tape path and head alignment on most 1/2" - 2" tape recorders.

Material: Flat Ground Cast Aluminum Tooling Plate
Finished dimensions: 6.000" length x 1.375" width x .750" thickness (+/- .010" on all dimensions)
Finish: Bead blasted

0-6" Digital Caliper - Metric/SAE switchable

Weight: lbs

Compare to digital calipers costing twice as much.

  • Instant push-button conversion SAE/METRIC
  • Stainless steel construction 
  • Resolution to .0005" / .01mm
  • Accuracy guaranteed to +/- .001
  • "Auto Shut-Off" after 10 minutes of inactivity
  • Supplied in fitted, cushioned plastic box - includes (2) batteries
  • Made in Taiwan - calibrated in the USA


Why are we selling this product? We are constantly asked if we have certain parts for this, that or the other old machine. Often we do but when asked for measurements, most of you say, "Well, it's about this long and that in diameter". Unfortunately, "this and that" is not a measurement.  If you're running analog machines, you know you'll need parts from time to time. Figuring out what you need is often about describing the part with accurate measurements.

When we tried one of these calipers in our shop for utility work, we really liked it for the money. We made a deal with the manufacturer for a quantity and are able to offer you a damned good measurement tool at a very reasonable price.

As it is with everything we sell, before we ship, each unit is processed through our shop, thoroughly cleaned, lubricated and tested against laboratory standard Browne & Sharpe 1-2-3 blocks and Vermont Gage precision pin gages. Only if it measures up will it end up in your hands - our guarantee.

Wrench Sets - Forged, Chromed & Polished


Metric & SAE (9) piece wrench sets

Quantity of (9), well made, 12 point, forged pieces per set. Fully chromed & polished. Supplied with molded plastic carrier.  Well made in India (not China)

Price/set: $24.49 - Buy both sets & save 15%!

Micro Driver Tool Set - 34 piece

Weight: lbs
A handy set of often needed miniature drivers.

Flat, Phillips, Torx, & Allen drivers plus a small magnifier and a couple of really neat extenders - including a flexible extender to get into some really strange places. Not a set you'll use every day, but when you need it, it'll be ready. Can't go wrong for the money!

Supplied in fitted plastic case. Made in Taiwan (not China)

Poorman's ATR I/O Service Extender

Weight: lbs

NEW PRODUCT  Replaces our original service extender which sold for $349.00. This one's for all who need one but didn't buy one.

Think you know where your levels are at? Are levels IN and OUT optimized? Is your ATR-100 really giving you the best it can? Don't assume that your I/O's and VU meters are telling you the truth.
If you've never calibrated, your levels could be far from specification, adding noise and distortion. We see this way too often. Get it right!

So then, how do you get at the test points and internal adjustments on the ATR-100's Input-Output modules?  Here's our new simple, and now affordable solution. Aluminum edge support rails and a high-quality circuit board enable you to extend the I/O module out in front of the overbridge. Using the supplied aluminum "jack stand" you'll support the module securely from underneath. Now you've got access to everything you need.  Supplied with very detailed calibration/alignment instructions.

MRL - Reference Alignment Tapes

MRL: _99-271-___-13_
MRL Ref. Tapes

on sale here - 5% off 1/4" Tapes
- 10% off 1/2" & up!

We've kept this simple. We sell online only what we consider the most useful and cost effective versions of the MRL tapes - the one's we use in our own shop. Yes, they're expensive now... but without the appropriate MRL tape, who are you kidding? Good news: We sell them at a discount!

For most applications, we recommend the two-speed, 11 minute tapes. This is approx. 1 minute of playback for each of five ref. tones at both supplied speeds. Available in 1/4", 1/2", 1" and 2". Tones provided as follows: 1khz, 100hz, 4kHz, 10kHz and 16kHz available in both 250nWb/m (+3) and 355nWb/m (+5.5) elevated level versions. Order from MRL part numbers, below:



P/N @ 250 nWb/m - Level +3

P/N @ 355 nWb/m - Level +5.5


 Our price





















Be sure you're ordering the correct tape - double check your numbers! MRL's are not returnable unless proven defective and they very rarely are.

If there's a tape you need or want other than what's shown here, please contact us for savings!

Extendable Inspection Mirror

Weight: lbs
Good quality! When you need to see around corners and under the chassis - This item does it.  The back end has a small rare earth magnet enabling you to pick-up that tiny screw you just lost! Extends to 19 inches.

Magnetic Parts Picker w/ LED (32" ext.)

Weight: lbs
The LED light, an extension length of 32 inches and a strong rare earth magnet make this by far the best we've ever found. Comfortable grip, this will pick up nearly 8lbs while enabling you to actually see what you're trying to find!

A "must have" in every tech's tool kit!

Precision Spring Scales

TLS.SS.1000G & TLS.SS.5000G
Pesola scales


Swiss made, quality scales with "Zero tare", for setting critical tape path tension. Available in a number of maximum capacity values. Values below are in stock.  These are the same spring scales once sold by Studer for much, much more....

Available in 2 ranges:
0-1000 gm (ideal for OTARI MTR-90 tension set-up)
0-5000 gm (Studer & others - pinch roller pressure etc.) 

Tape Path Gauge Block

Weight: lbs
for accurate set-up of the MTR-90 tape path

Gauge Block with 1/2" tool steel base for stability and rigidity. Fast, accurate set-up & maintenance of tape path height & parallelism. An amazing tool for problematic MTR-90 transports. Just ask the techs at Larson Film Sound in Hollywood!

Price reduced 40% - from $1,295.00 NOW: $777.00!

Also available for rent: $125.00 / wk. See below.... 


Download our MTR-90 Setup Guide


Tape Path Gauge Block (rental)

Weight: lbs
MTR-90 tape path

Please note: If renting, you agree to accept full responsibility for loss or damage. A security deposit / dollar hold amount will be placed on your credit card to cover any such losses. This is not a charge, but an authorization to charge in the amount of $500.00 pending return of the rental item. Rental available only in North America.

After receipt of your order, the unit will be shipped to you per your instructions. You are responsible for shipping charges in both directions. Unit is to be insured for $800.00 USD.