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"End-of-Life" ALERT
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T/REDS™ rollers for Otari MTR-90/100.
T/REDS™ for MTR-90 /100 - A better product, at a better price! Click: INFO or BUY
New Product: but what are they?
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Hint: without two of the above*, the A800 is "Dead in the Water"
*available from stock beginning in July of 2014.

The original SSL motorized fader fix is back!
Ultimotor™ - the fix for SSL Ultimation problems!
Ultimotor™ KIT for SSL automation repair.
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Are your MTR-90 lifters scraping the songs right off your 2" masters? Fix it now!
Otari MTR-90 heavy-duty tape lifters
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Head, Red & Roll tape path cleaner
HEAD, RED & ROLL CLEANER™ - the best tape path cleaner money can buy!
The best in professional tape recorder service, parts and support for over 30 years.
Real-time spectrum analyzer TechNotes & Downloads

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